Président’s Message


Today, the Cluster has built around its small structure a great background of expertise in issues that can lead to modernizing the textile and fashion industry, and of supporting the various players of all sizes.

The President –  Serge Chouchana

The MDFC cluster has decided since its creation, that its core mission and value would be the sustainable development of the textile industry and by transition the entire fashion industry.
The will of the founding members has been at the outset, to provide the industry with a fresh momentum, through innovation, design, the discovery of new business models and modus operandi.
Today, after five years of existence, the cluster has built around its small structure a great background of expertise in issues that would lead to modernizing the textile and fashion industry.
During these first years, we have organized actions of capacity building which have affected around a hundred players of all sizes, whose objective is sustainable development in favor of the environment and people.
Après son ouverture sur d’autres filières du textile, et l’intégration des nouveaux métiers de la mode dans le scope d’accompagnement du cluster MDFC, le cluster s’apprête à devenir l’interlocuteur privilégié de créateurs et nouvelles marques innovantes qui se profilent dans l’écosystème.
The MDC cluster has also favored collaborative projects with a sustainable vocation.
Morover, after opening up to other textile sectors, and the integration of new fashion professions, the cluster is now preparing to become the privileged interlocutor of creators and new innovative brands evolving in the ecosystem.
After the Pandemic, the challenges of the fashion industry become more urgent, we must support the transition of companies to more sustainable production methods, and help new players and selfentrepreneurs to grow and enrich the Moroccan textile offer.
We must restore the image of the fashion industry, revalue Morocco’s secular textile professions, and move forward together.